Online service offering Facebook advertising service as well as Youtube Advertising & Adwords Advertising to reach the right target people for promoting business organizations, fan pages, products, causes or anything . Advertising cost depends on the number of clicks, reach, likes etc. the ad receives.We don’t make promises to earn huge reach, like by certain amount of money. The larger your budget, the more people a campaign is likely to reach.

 information may required

*Headline, body text, image/s etc.
*Target location like whole country or specific area/s etc.)
*Age limit like 13-65+ or other age group
*Gender like only men or only women or both
*Set interest

Choose objectives for your campaign

Boost your posts
Promote your Page
Send people to your website
Increase conversions on your website
Get installs of your app
Increase engagement in your app
Raise attendance at your event
Get people to claim your offer
Get video views

Factors of  Facebook Advertising Service


Facebook has  2 billion people  and counting,Its the best place to engage with customers and follower now .
There are tons of features to target your potential customer likes demographically, geographically & even psychology .|overall Facebook allow you lots of customization features to get more engagement with your customers . You can set up your ads any time cancel anytime even set budget anytime .

We Offer Two Types Service

1 ) We just pay your bills and you set up your own ads on our ads account
2) Our Professional will set up your ads and will charge 30$ for each campaign .

we will charge 15% extra of total payment of your budget if its less than 50$.
if your budget is more than 50$+ we will charge 10% extra on Facebook Advertising Service
Minimum Ads Can be start with us 20$ with no maximum

  • Terms and Conditions for Facebook Advertising Service:
  • 1) you need to allow us As advertiser on your page
    2) Set a given email address as an ‘Advertiser’ of your page. Go to Settings—>Page Roles—> now put our email address and click Add.
    3)To purchase any product or service We only accept manual payment
    So you must need to contact our support before you want to proceed payment .
  • 4) We accept wide range of payment method : paypal (for paypal you must need to send as fnf reason )
    skrill,Neteller,Perfectmoney,Webmoney,payeer,Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin,Dashcoin,bitcoin cash
    If you pay by paypal,coin You need to adjust 10%, 5% Extra

Contact information

 email : [email protected]
Skype :  allvirtualservice